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Primary 5 Charities Committee news

Primary 5 are getting organised to send out information about what we plan to do for Sports Relief in Stobhill Primary  on 18th March 2016.

Primary 5 shared their understanding of Thinking Hats in assembly today. Thank you.

Scottish week by Erin p5

At Stobhill school on Tusday the 10th of February 2015 we are doing art at 2:30 and are parents are allowed to come to it. We are doing Scottish dogs and they look like Greyfriars Bobby. Also on Tuesday we…

Mary Queen of Scots Execution by Tyler & Ethan

P5 has been learning about Mary Queen of Scots execution .Marys execution took place in Fotheringhay Castle in 1587. During Marys execution it took 2 strikes with the axe. One strike hit the back of her head, and one got…