Update from Midlothian Council re structure of buildings

Midlothian Council updated their website today regarding the structure of our school buildings. This is a copy of the statement on that website.

School estate inspections update

Published on 14 April 2016

As we stated on Monday, as well as ongoing routine surveys of our school estate, further inspections began in March 2016.

No major structural issues identified

This was in response to the situation in Edinburgh where, you will be aware, structural defects have been identified in some buildings.

Our inspections are now complete and no major structural issues have been identified. As would be anticipated, routine maintenance repairs were highlighted and these will be carried out as quickly as possible.

Further selective tests for re-assurance

In light of the further information coming from the Edinburgh schools situation, a phase of selective tests and surveys will take place in the coming weeks in some of our buildings to provide further re-assurance. These findings will also be shared with you.

The safety of our pupils, staff and building users are our highest priority.

If anyone has any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact: